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Hi my name is Marie and I and 26 years old. I was, am and will be a foodie till death. I love to eat new food and visit new places.  I just love to visit new places for food as I wish to visit different places and taste the famous and local food of that place. Thanks to Marley Spoon Coupon Code for helping me eat the food I want to either I wish to or want to.

 I was on trip to Berlin I remember I wanted to taste food of Berlin. I went to many places but I was unable to as mostly they were full and also they had a very long line for waiting. I went back my friend’s guest house. I called him and asked him to suggest me best restaurant to have dinner from. I also asked him to join me but he told me that the time was the peak time of restaurants and I won’t be able to get table in the restaurant or in simple words he told me that dine in was impossible at that time.

I was really hungry so I asked him to suggest me something so firstly he asked me to join him at his place and have dinner with him but then I said that I am here to taste some local food of the area so he told me about Marley spoon and asked me to order it from there. As I was new so I opened the page and started surveying the page and even I read Marley spoon Reviews as I wanted to eat the food with best taste. Any how I was convinced to order food from Marley spoon from reading their reviews so I ordered. My friend asked me to use Marley spoon promo code so is I did and I got Marley spoon gift box.

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When I received the food so I was very excited to see food and when I unboxed so I was amazed to see quantity of food as it was more than I had thought and they also had given me Marley spoon gratis box which itself was very much and you won’t believe the Marley spoon gratis box was enough for me to finish my hunger but when I started eating so I kept on eating as the food was so tasty and delicious. I also tried the other dish of their, at lunch on the very next day and it was also very delicious.

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I asked them about their services so they told me they also have services and setup available in my city. I was very happy excited and was waiting to go back to my city and taste their food in my city as the delivery boy told me they had mare delicious and taste when I went back to my city it was way more tasty then I had expected it to.