List of 4 Best Altcoins of 2021

As we all know that the Bitcoin is ranked as the most trustworthy and high-priced cryptocurrency in the world today. But there are some alternatives that are the same as Bitcoins but different in many ways. These altcoins are still new to the market and growing day by day. People are loving it because of many reasons.

These coins are under the radar and you transaction activities cannot be tracked. Also, they allows the user to stay save from the taxes that are implemented by the government in almost every region of the world. Here in this article we will provide you with the information of best altcoins of 2021.


Polkadot is a Swiss blockchain established in the mid of global pandemic. The head of The Amber Group, Jeffery Wang referred the Polkadot as one of the most highly foresee next-generation blockchains. The Polkadot allows developers to build their own blockchains.


Furthermore, any developer can connect his/her blockchain with each other. The Polkadot is still new but a promising technology that almost every Apps developer seem to be eager. Greenberg believes that investing in Polkadot is profitable in future.

Stellar (XLM)

Stellar also known as XLM was established to serve the purpose that is needed within the universe of cryptocurrency. It is also known as the PayPal of the cryptocurrency networks. It served as the bridge between blockchain networks and banks.


It is a decentralized network, which allow user to convert any currency and trade it across the channels. This benefit in making the transactions cheaper and quicker than the traditional bank.

Tezos (XTZ)

Tezos is one of the best emerging and reliable asset to invest in 2021. Tezos is a unique asset since it’s flexible and Blockchain based coin that quoted on-chain governance issues. The governance seems totally involved to enhance the application, growth for the crytocurrency in long run, and improve decision making.


The Tezos network is dependent on a robust verification system and proof-of-stake system that enable the accurate smart transactions and contracts. Although, the Tezos had a rough beginning due to many reason, but now the Tezos network offers remarkable and excellent services that have engaged large number of investors to invest on the asset.


IOTA is one of the best Altcoins of 2021 on our list and the reason behind it is that the IOTA is not dependent on Robust Blockchain tech like other cryptocurrencies. IOTA taps directed acyclic graph important to keep transactions and activity on its distributed ledger that is distinct from other Blockchain ledgers.


Many altcoin analysts believe that the structure on which IOTA is based enable smooth and convenient transaction periods and high security within the internet eco-system. The IOTA has showed excellent potential because of its ability to make a network of inter-connected IOTA devices.


Investing in altcoins can be risky because there are many altcoins that are fake or not reliable. Every time you are going to invest on any altcoin make sure to do your research before investing on any of them. However, there are investors who are really happy with their investment in altcoins and making a lot of money by doing that. We here just mentioned the 4 best altcoins of 2021 by doing some research and hope that it will help you.