Best Scope for AR-15 Under $100 (2020)

  • Simmons 2.5-10X40

Usually because of a tight budget you can’t get quality products, this isn’t the same case here. You can get a quality AR-15 scope under 100$ easily. This Simmons 2.5-10X40 scope has many effective features like Pro Target 40mm bell with WP/FPT turrets; this can adjust windage and external elevation which makes it perfect for shooting in championships and competitions as these are tactical features which help in aiming. It’s also perfect for beginners and during training. The size and area of the scope is perfect for AR as it’s not too big nor too small. Rings are also attached to the scope for pot of the box mounting. Durability is also impressive, which is a must for any sort of scope, surfaces are coated and has an armor to protect it, this scope is also resistant to weather and fog making is extra durable. Overall this scope does its job exceptionally good well.

Check out what Optic Zoo says about Simmons 2.5-10X40:

  • UTG Bug Buster 3-9X32

This scope is beloved by many professional shooters. On the objective lens is emerald coated to maximize light transmission and the length of the optic main tube is 1mm which is extremely favorable. One of the most convenient quality that this scope holds is that the turret system works externally, this means you can adjust windage and elevation to your convenience. For making the correct base zero and smooth and easy to process, there is a feature for it known as ‘zero return feature’ which is on the turret and does this job perfectly. This scope is also visually pleasing to look at as it is of normal size and is coated with black polish. Scope creates a large view image making it easier to focus and aim. There are also accessories that come with this like a flip-open lens covers and a 2-inch eyeshade.

  • Barska 3-9X42

This masterpiece is constructed as a one peace tube for convenience. This model is considered to be a part of second generation sniper style AR/AK platform scope, however, don’t let the name fool you as this scope cannot be considered for snipping as the scope of a sniper is expensive and not in a budget of under 100$. The sunshade of the glass is similar to that of a sniper which gives credit to the builder of this scope. The Barska 3-9X42 scope is filled with built in gas and is 100% waterproof thus helping in increasing its durability. It provides a clear view even in rough weather conditions. Out of all three mentioned scopes I would give this most points in terms of aesthetic, if you want your AR to look appealing this is the scope for you. There are red and green displays of mildots which doesn’t only bring attractiveness to the scope but it also helps in long distance accuracy. By the use of ¼ m.o.a. clicks Windage and elevation is accomplished. This scope also brings along few effective accessories like cleaning cloth, scope caps and a set of rings that are ready for usage.